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Architects are inventors, innovators and the trendsetters. Their job is to create good living and working environments. Throughout the ages, Architects have proven themselves to be no less in stature than great artists, painters or sculptures of ancient times, for their creations still remind us of the great inventiveness and creativity these individuals had. Leonardo Da Vinci was one of them. So was Frank O. Gehry, Frank Lloyd Wright and many others like them who have left their mark on the sands of history by their novel and innovative ideas.

The Rasin Building by Frank Gehry

Life of an Architectural student can be tough at times. Students who chose this line of career are bustling with enthusiasm. When they join an Architectural Institute, their hearts are filled with anticipation of all the fun things they’ll do. These students have the urge to demonstrate their creative genius, to redesign the world according to their ideals, to prove their worth to the world.

But in reality, Architecture is a very difficult field of study. Creativity does count, but you do not have the leisure to wait for that inspiration to come to you.  College assignments and projects will ensure you’ll have to spend more time doing clerical work than creative thinking. There are sharp deadlines when your assignments have to be submitted. You have little time to think about your work. In the end, you’ll find yourself juggling between multiple unrelated subjects, multitasking between your assignments to complete them before the deadline. Learning how to multitask is very important.  There are but few opportunities to exhibit your talents.

A student has many choices to make… architecture being such a vast and varied field. It comprises of not just the art of designing the buildings and their surrounding environment, but we also have to deal with history, geology, engineering, climatology… and a host of other subjects. Artistic students may prefer Architectural Design over Electrical Systems. A more technical oriented student may immerse himself in studying Structural Engineering rather than wasting his time learning about the ancient History of Architecture which is no longer relevant in today’s society. There are so many different options.

It is a tough choice to make. An architect may not only plan buildings and design their elevations, but may also designing the landscape. It would be a part of Landscape Architecture. Some purists try to blend the original landscape itself into the building, in such a way that the building seems like a natural growth and not an artificial construction. Then there is Interior Designing, which is a very important and specialized branch of Architecture. A student may decide to major in any of those fields. Architecture is fun… it is exhaustive, but the pleasure you get from seeing your ideas coming to life is exalting.

Nothing can top Professional Architects and students of architecture from letting their dreams run wild and them trying to achieve the impossible. Its always a pleasure to know that there are people who are really pushing the limits of what we think as possible. They may be called heretics or insane, but they are the real builders of a nation. The Visionaries… who have the art and the craft of astounding the masses with their brilliant designs…

Architecture is Tough… Architecture is Challenging… Architecture is Fun… 🙂

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  1. im prasanna doing my internshp in visakhapatnam, i knew dat world z waiting for fresh mindz lyk us………… i love show mre intrest in hill architecture.. or slope constructions.. i want challanges…….

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