Design elements to focus on in Cafeteria Design

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In our previous article “Guide to design of Cafeteria“, we had a stepwise discussion as to how you should proceed with the design project of Cafeteria.

In this article, we will discuss all the possible design considerations you could take to make the Cafeteria design interesting.

Creation of a cool and peaceful environment. Cafeteria is a place where people come to relax and have a small chat with their friends. The soft music in the background is good enough to serve the purpose. It is completely unnecessary to give it a dramatic disco effect or have loud music.

Try and create thematic interiors. It could be anything. It all depends on how far creative you can get.

Contemporary theme for Cafeteria Design
Contemporary theme for Cafeteria Design

For example:

Contemporary theme

To incorporate this theme, you will have to have modern furniture design, funky colours used, paintings on the walls of the cafe that would depict a sense of modernism when a person steps in; also instead of just having 2D painting on the walls, you could go for 3D art work which is more intriguing and brings some life to the interior space.arrangement of tables and chairs, ceiling design, design pillars in the cafe to give a contemporary look etc.

Choice of a good colour scheme is very important in this case. It makes a whole lot of difference to the feel of the space.

Choice of themes could differ from place to place.

For example:

If the Cafeteria is to be designed for school kids, the thematic approach will differ from what you might choose for a cafeteria design for a Corporate Office.

Along with the change in thematic approach, you would also have to take care of using an appropriate colour scheme.

It is important for a designer to consider maximum utilization of space in the cafeteria. For this reason, it is essential that the columns to be placed in the interiors of the cafeteria have to be avoided as much as possible.

To make it possible, it is the role of an Architect to explain the design in detail the Civil engineer or Structural designer.

The Civil/Structural engineer will look after this. It is his job. But it is important that you understand the structural details too.

(You can discuss the use of deep beams, coffered slab etc in order to achieve uninterrupted span length.)

Instead of just having tables and chairs in the seating area, try making the seating area a little more pleasing and inviting.

Create visual barrier walls and planters to seggregate small sections in the cafe instead of using full length walls or no walls at all. This will help in easy and comfortable interation.

This idea would be applicable for cafeteria in schools, colleges or Offices.

The most important design element is efficient circulation throughout the cafe. The movement of people in the cafe should not create any kind of chaos and confusion.

This will only spoil the reputation of the cafeteria.

In our succeeding articles, we will also study as to how you should be making circulation charts on a casestudy.

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