Designing a Holiday Resort | Architecture and Design

Design Considerations for a Holiday Resort | Architectural Planning

‘Holiday Resort’ is an essential part of tourist places. Everybody prefers a good resort and expects good services.

A good ‘Holiday resort’ is one which satisfies all the requirements of the customers and for this purpose the first essential thing is the design and planning of it. The most important person responsible for creating and designing that space is an “Architect”.

People visiting the holiday resort are generally the tourists and they can be from any part of the world. It is therefore the responsibility of an Architect to design it considering various requirements of various classes of people suiting different habits.

Holiday Resort
Holiday Resort

The success of every resort is influenced by the following seven factors:

  1. Good Location
  2. Attractive appearance (Aesthetic appeal of the structure)
  3. Good landscape
  4. Quick and pleasant services
  5. Cleanliness
  6. Maintenance
  7. Food quality

Let us move on with the discussion on some of the most important factors that are necessary to be considered while designing a “Holiday Resort”.

Good Location

A good location is the dominant factor responsible for attracting business (customers). It is therefore to be remembered that for ventures like these, location is very important. In such cases, the most expensive site is guaranteed to make good business. It has to be located on unsually beautiful locations.

For example: A hill or at the point from where we can get sea or river view from the rooms of the resort.

Attractive Appearance (Aesthetic appeal)

We as Architects are pretty much aware that Aesthetics of the building make a huge difference to its success. Resort is a place where people come to stay and relax and enjoy their vacation in a peaceful and pleasant environment.

Apart from the exterior appearance of the structure, we also have to consider the design of landscape elements surrounding it. In resort design, Landscape Architecture also plays a big role in its success.

When I go to a resort, I select a resort which gives me a feeling of being in the arms of nature. I just love that feel. It refreshes my mind completely.

Apart from concentrating on the external appearance of the structure, interior design is also very important.

Quick and pleasant services

Offering quick services to the customers is the goal of the administration department of the resort. Quick services given by the resort to its customers leaves them with a pleasant experience.

This can only be achieved if the circulation of all the activities in the resort are efficiently connected with one another. Accessibility is the most important factor to be considered for design.

For example:

Care should be taken to see that the time required to reach any service area from the living quarters is not more than 5mins.

Proper connectivity and proximity to the service areas plays an important role in the success of the Resort.

Other factors that contribute towards the success of the Holiday Resort are:

Cleanliness, Maintenance, Food quality etc.

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    • You can build a resort anywhere. Just open Google Maps and pick a seafront resort site in Goa. Or a mountain resort in Ratnagiri. Or an desert-oasis resort near Jaipur. Or a snow resort near Shimla. You will get some inspiration.

    • hey, i am a 5th year architectural student and my thesis topic is resort. due to lack of permissions and lack of time, we are not able to carry out a thorough case study. if you can provide any good case study on resort then it will be really helpful.

      • Hello Kity,

        We help students achieve their aims and objectives and help them become good Architects. We dont supply reports. Unfortunately we havent got the time to waste after students who are not seriously involved with their studies. If you had done a casestudy and asked me to review it, I would have happily done that. Please get serious with your studies. Needless to say you are in your final year now.

  1. I have chosen to design – destination themed resort …..
    theme: bamboo and palmyran.
    I want to give best with details of interiors as it is a theme based resort.Artificially taking form and also incorporating bamboo material in specific space design like restaurant and bar.
    10 acres site i have chosen. Im confused in the requirements of no. of rooms/cottages/suites to be provided.. minimum how many can be given on bases of?….

  2. hey, i m a 5th year architectural student and my thesis topic is resort. i need a library study on beach resort. if you can provide library study on beach resort then it will be helpful.

  3. hello ,
    i am a 5th year B.Arch student, i have chosen ,resort , as my thesis topic, but i am confused on how to make it more interesting.
    sea front resort is what i have detailed the topic out. but how should i make it more detailed as in:
    how to make the thesis topic , urban planning related or environment related.
    i am not able to decide how to attach the architectural factor to the topic.
    please help.

    • It is not very clear to me as what exactly are you trying to link to your thesis topic. Designing a sea front resort could possible link to a small part of an urban design masterplan possibly for a tourist destination. Resort would attract more tourists and therefore it will be social, cultural and economic benefits. You could focus on this pointers. Or if you could explain in more detail as to what you are trying to achieve then maybe I could help you figure out how to do that.

  4. Hello
    I am 3rd year in bachelor of arts textural technologist and my project title is holiday resort but a problem is I don’t know how to make it interesting. Help me what should I do toake it interesting and pleasing

  5. Hi, Im also a 5th year architecture student with resort as thesis typology. It‘s a farm resort with lots of mango trees located in rural agricultural setting and there are a lot of resort in the vicinity as well. My problem is because there are many competition I need to think of something unique about it aside from trying to achieve net-zero energy and promoting sustainable lifestyle aside from leisure. If you could provide some insight that would be really helpful. Thank you so much?

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