Five step Guide to designing a Studio Apartment

Studio Apartments

Studio Apartment is basically a hall with no or some temporary partitions. Only the toilet has permanent walls. It is popularly known as Bachelor’s Apartment or efficiency Apartment. This concept of Studio Apartment is popular in Western Countries. The concept of Studio Apartment is now slowly developing in Asian countries such as China, India.

Studio Apartment
Studio Apartment

This concept is all about saving space and still providing all the required necessities for an individual to sustain a comfortable lifestyle..

Five important steps to be followed for designing a Studio Apartment

Step one

Choosing the right stuff to maintain efficiency as well as aesthetics

Since the Studio Apartments are as small as 500 to 600sqft, cluttering the apartment with furniture and other stuff that is not very important makes it look cramped and stingy.

The only way to make a Studio Apartment look really awesome is that our prime objective should be to make it appear larger. Do not place unnecessary furniture or any other luxury items for the purpose of aesthetics. Our only goal in designing a Studio Apartment is to concentrate on placing stuff in the Apartment that is absolutely necessary.

Step two

Designing a well defined and sufficient storage space

Having a spacious storage space for a studio apartment is very important. The storage space should be concealed and sufficiently large enough to store all the stuff that you would want to keep, so that the living area remains spacious and neat.

Step three

Using a single flowing theme for the apartment

Having a single theme to the apartment helps it look organized and spacious. Do not overdo the design aspect and complicate things by stuffing too much furniture and too much variety in colours and shapes of the furniture. Keep it single and simple. Creation of defined areas and rooms is very important. Once you have figured out how much space will be required for a particular type of a furnishing, shopping will get easier.

Step four

Lighting Techniques and creation of Dividers

Usage of Dividers could prove to be a constructive or a destructive idea. Least usage of partitions has to be followed so that the apartment looks spacious. You can use thin glass sheets for partitions or wooden panels, depending on a person’s choice. Lighting is an important aspect of design. Choice of the right lighting technique will bring out the real beauty of the apartment.

Step five

Use of Multi-tasking Furniture

Nowadays, multi-tasking furniture pieces are available in the market. Use of such smart furniture can help save a lot of space. For example, a couch that can be converted into a double bed at night or a wooden chest that can be used as tea table as well for storing stuff.

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