Issues in Housing Design | Suburbia or Highrise

Housing Design

Housing is a fundamental need. Designing a housing complex on a sound architectural basis – blending various concepts such as environmentally friendly apartments, suburbia, medium rise and solar efficient apartments on a modular grid system of planning – while accommodating different family budgets is a gigantic task.

Housing in Brazil
Housing in Brazil

Infrastructure required for Multi-stories Units

Rapid increase in Urban population all over the world due to migration of people from rural areas, growth in information Technology, job opportunities, location of important Government offices, establishment of Multi National Companies, entertainment centres, Corporate Hospitals, etc have made Housing an ever-increasing demand. The potential to shun seemingly monotonous large spaces and to suggest alternative, best use of compact space has become the need of the day. The goal is to challenge space limits in order to allow for a more transformative Architecture in which to dwell.

Housing in France
Housing in France

We live in an increasingly compact, mobile world – cell phones are smaller but with greater coverage, laptops are more mainstream than their desktop counterparts. In this digital era, where premium is placed on a smaller and faster product, then Housing can also follow suit – by combining the advantages of digital products with modular housing units to enhance the value of a meaningful permanent house – easy to maintain and economical to sustain.

Housing in Singapore
Housing in Singapore

Issues to be considered for the Housing Design

  • Density, mixed landuse, (master layout) ground coverage, development controls, social pattern
  • Use Urban systems, Services and their integration with the Project
  • Requirements (derived from surveys) in all respects
  • Issues in appropriate technology and costs
  • Issues of hierarchy, identity of space, integration of community etc
  • Detailing for the disabled and elderly
  • Local architectural responses to climate, culture, traditional values, building elements

2 thoughts on “Issues in Housing Design | Suburbia or Highrise”

  1. I’m not sure about the whole “buildings made from modular units” thing. Architects have been talking about similar methods since the 60’s and it has never really caught on because it creates a complete lack of individual feel. I think.

  2. People need to learn to live in smaller spaces, but the design must be in such a manner that they don’t feel boxed in.
    The Japanese have been doing it for years. Using space just to sleep.
    In Denmark people live in very small spaces, everything has it’s place, and they spend very little time there.
    It depends of course on the social culture of the inhabitants of such a project.
    Another important point is the integration of green living conditions, not just saving power and caring for the environment, but also an opportunity to bring the concrete jungle closer to nature.

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