Design considerations for an Institution | Architectural Design

Design of an Institution

An Institution is a space where evolution and evaluation of ideas take place. They play a profound role in giving direction and learning.

Institutions should have linkages be both closed and opened, have short term programmed and long term visions, therefore definiteness and ambiguity become an integral part of institution.

Nift, Hyderabad, India
Nift, Hyderabad, India

The design of institution therefore has the capacity to modify and change both vertically and horizontally all the time, while retaining care. In physical terms, this means that you get course, linkages and spaces which are central and stable even while they and their periphery shifts resulting in a space that responds to and accommodates changing concepts.

Design considerations for the design of an Institution

Scale and Proportions

The scale and proportion of a building impacts the “sense of place” with in. New buildings and additions should acknowledge surrounding context, but recognize and establish human scale. The design of a building should take into consideration how the design affects a person standing at the face of the structure as well as the building’s materials can influence how the building scale is read.

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