Booming Construction Industry and the Changing trends in Architecture

Rapid industrialization and infrastructural development were the key factors that drove the exponential growth of the construction industry in recent years. A healthy GDP, growth in housing, financial grwoth and the retail boom also contributed to the historically unmatched demand at a large scale.

Design of Modern Bathrooms
Design of Modern Bathrooms

Various recent activities have brought about the growth of the sales market which is letting construction industry grow. Since the world is hit by economic recession, it hasn’t really affected the Construction Industry much.

During the last couple of years, the key companies have been busy doubling their production capacities to reach the market demand. Asian countries basically developing nations are growing a strong and smart market of products. India has emerged as a major bath and sanitary ware market in the Asia-Pacific region with strong demand both from new projects as well as replacement segments.

People are getting richer and better off with their rising income which is bringing more demand for various urban consumer products for the bathrooms and is booming up the markets. In the recent years, Bathroom Architecture has gained quite a lot of popularity and has given a way to Modern Bathroom Designs. The new concept of Bathroom designs has created a revolution in the mass production of various Bathroom fittings in the country.

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