Le Corbusier | The Legend

Legendary Architect Le Corbusier

National Museum of Western Art, Tokyo
National Museum of Western Art, Tokyo

  • Le Corbusier – A Legend
  • Born on October 6, 1887
  • Swiss-French architect, painter, and writer
  • development of modern architecture
  • Le Corbusier designed his first project at the age of nineteen with a local architect.
  • studied modern building construction under Auguste Perret in Paris
  • He also worked in Berlin in the architectural office of Peter Behrens.
  • In 1912, after returning to his hometown, he taught architecture in L’Éplattenier’s industrial art school
  • Worked with German architect Josef Hoffmann.
  • In 1917, Le Corbusier left his homwtown La Chaux-de-Fonds and moved to Paris
  • In 1918 he lost the sight of one eye, a traumatic event, which affected his spatial orientation.
  • In 1922, partnership with Pierre Jeanneret.

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