Character and Style in Buildings

Every building that is constructed for a specific purpose has a specific form which itself depicts its original function. The inter-connection between the interiors and the exterior of a building is essential.

The true style of a building reflects the particular period in which it has been built.

But not many architects agree with the above statement. Some feel that there is no virtue in designing a building that shouts its date of built. The design of a building should always remain new and vibrant to avoid boredom.

Indian Habitat Centre, New Delhi
Indian Habitat Centre, New Delhi

The trend of Designing a building has changed drastically. In my previous article, I had discussed “New Trends in Architecture in the 21st century”.

Various architectural styles developed with the development in the technology. Technology brought new materials and new techniques of construction. Traditional architectural styles such as that of  Greeks, Roman, and Medieval periods and the modern architecture of the industrial era, twentieth century, and the Art Nouveau movements always brought in different pictures of architecture and kept redefining the meaning and principles of architecture.

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