Art of Planting | Elements of Landscape Architecture

If we design a building that is aesthetically appealing and also decorate it beautifully¬† from inside, yet if its surrounding outside area is unclean and disorganized, then the impact of the pleasing appearance of the building will considerably reduce. A beautifully designed building should also have a beautiful, pleasant and lively surroundings…

Landscape Design - Emphasis on Symmetry
Landscape Design - Emphasis on Symmetry

This art of decorating and designing the surroundings with various different natural and artificial elements is called Landscape Architecture.

As mentioned in the previous article,

Landscaping is an art of planning the drives, walks, lawns, shrubs, gardens, flower-beds etc. so as to form a beautiful setting for a building. The main purpose of landscaping is to create a joyful environment round the building and give the occupants a healthy breath, good appearance and natural beauty.

In this article, we are going to list out various elements of Landscape and discuss “Planting” in the design of Landscape Architecture.

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