Design Strategies For Development of Sustainable Housing Projects

Development of Sustainable Housing Societies

Development of Housing Societies is the new need of the day. The development in IT sector and Industrial Sector has made people all around the urban areas to migrate to the cities. The land value has increased to immensely. The new Housing Projects have to be economical and also sustainable.

It is easier said than done that every family in any country or state can have a dwelling unit/shelter. As such every successive government engages in dialogue, written or oral, but lags behind in its achievement.

Housing in Canada
Housing in Canada

Above 60% of the world’s population lives in Single Room Tenement (SRT) or at most Two Room Tenement (2RT) units. Designing with a practical approach in a High Density, limited space with flexible utility blending it with modern gadgets, integrating community and socio-economic housing is a challenge to present day Architects.

To overcome the instability resulting from our increasingly chaotic transportation system, a new mobile Architecture should arise to accommodate unrest, thus anticipating a change that is a change for the better.

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