Development of Architecture | Bases of Evolution

Development of Architecture

On the Concept of Life:::
Love and Hope always exist in life and are an indispensible part of life. Death is the ultimate stage of life.

The study has showed that the development of architecture took place on the basis of Life, Love, Hope and death. This might sound a little philosophical but that is how architecture has been born and developed.


Sounds interesting…! Let us open up our imagination and give it a thought. How did architecture actually develop? What was the primary reason for its development?

All of us have read History books in school where we learnt about the stone age man and his gradual evolution to becoming an intelligent creature.

In earlier times, man lived in jungles with the wild beasts. He knew that he had to protect himself from the harsh changing weather and the wild animals around him since he wanted to survive and live safely.

Initially man started looking for ready made dwellings (nature made).

Ggantija Temples | Neolithic Age
Ggantija Temples | Neolithic Age --- Some of the world's oldest free standing structures

For example: Rock cut caves, dolmen etc.

Early man did not have a permanent shelter. He kept wandering from place to place for food. Wherever, the rock cut caves were not an option, he started using reeds for building huts and saplings for making tents sheathed on bark.

Gradually, the ancient cave man started advancing by trying different building materials for the construction of homes.

And today, all of us are aware of the amazing constructions happening around the world. Various mansions, palaces, skyscrapers, various types of buildings. The advancement in technology has changed the scenario of architecture.

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