Evolution of Housing Styles around the World

Evolution of Housing Styles

Different Housing Styles evolved in different eras with increasing population, changing requirements and Changing Technology, that is, advancement in construction technology changed the entire perspective of Housing Design.

In this article, we are going to study evolution of different types of housing styles resulting from changing requirements of the people, tastes of the users, country’s economy and changing technology.

Independent houses are known as Detached houses. The idea of having an independent house was to maintain some privacy at home. Earlier when the population density was very low and plenty of land was available at cheaper rates, there was a trend or rather I would say, it was a status symbol for a person who owned a detached House.

Detached Housing
Detached Housing

Detached houses were usually found in Towns and villages rather than in cities. It is still prevalent today too because you have to be quite rich to be able to afford to live in an Independent House. With the growing population, the requirements of people also started increasing. The standard of living started rising. More income and more money was required to fulfil everyone’s needs.

Since the population was growing and the land prices started rising, the new concept of Semi-detached Houses evolved. People all over the world fancied living in an independent house with a small garden and a swimming pool.

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