Design considerations for Commercial Kitchen design

How to design a Restaurant/Commercial Kitchen?

Commercial Kitchen design is completely different from the residential Kitchen design. The design considerations in terms of functionality and circulation of space play a great role. The design of services such as water supply, drainage, fire fighting, Heating and Ventilation systems, Exhausts etc play a major role in the successful working of a Kitchen.

Restaurant/Hotel Kitchen Design
Restaurant/Hotel Kitchen Design

In this article, we will discuss various design considerations for Restaurant/Hotel(Commercial) Kitchen design.


Before, we get onto designing, it is very important that we discuss the menu of the Restaurant. The type of food menu will decide the design parameters to be considered. The space has to be designed in a harmonic flow so as to serve to the increasing public without any hassle.

  1. Timings
  2. The area
  3. Peak hours – cater to peak hour timings
  4. Selection of fuels (for different items… Chinese, Indian, Continental etc) (Fuels that are generally preferred are Propane, LPG, Coal)

Departmentalization (to achieve division of labour)

The study of different departments in a Commercial kitchen is to be carried out. After the analysis of your survey, you can figure out the list of various departments that you incorporate into your Kitchen design. Ofcourse, it also depends on the wish of the client as to what all departments he would prefer in his Restaurant/Hotel.

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