Design considerations for a Science Museum

How to design a Science Museum?

The design of a museum depends on the kind of exhibits. Galleries for the exhibits must be designed suitably. In a science museum the basic exhibition galleries that you can target are:

  • History of science in India
  • Human Biology
  • Prehistoric Life
  • Fun Science
  • Space Science
  • Emerging Technologies

The aim of designing a science museum should be to:

  • Teach children science in an interesting and practical way
  • Divide the exhibits in proper sections so that people can view the desired sections with ease.
  • Presenting and displaying information in a way that helps people understand what the exhibits are all about.
  • Design the museum in such a way that it becomes a learning/discussion centre for people in the city who are interested in science
  • You can also conduct special lectures/presentations on a periodical basis

 The spaces in a science museum can be divided as:

  • Exhibition Galleries & Exhibit storage areas
  • Administration Areas
  • Non Museum Spaces
  • Supporting services
East Hall Science Museum
East Hall Science Museum

Admin areas in the Museum

The purpose of creating a museum is to give the visitors a feel of the world of science.  Therefore the journey of a visitor through the museum should be continuous and undisturbed by spaces that distract a person from the exhibits. Thus, the administration area should be removed from the exhibition gallery areas and should be located in a secluded space away from the crowd. The people working in the offices should be able to access their work area directly without facing the necessity of going through the museum galleries.

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