Green Architecture Vs Current Architectural Techniques

Comparison of Green Architecture with current Architectural Techniques

Any form of design, minimises environmentally destructive impacts by integrating itself with living process.

But our current system of building lacks respect of natural environment as well as for individual people and society as a whole. There is not a single building component used in current construction that can be labelled safe, earth friendly, and low embodied energy. A few materials meet one or two of their criteria, but for the most part the majority of materials fails to meet all three.

Green Architecture is not limited to one material although many materials should be avoided, but encourages the use of materials that are most appropriate for a particular place, climate and program. Green Architecture is also not a style such as post modernism, art deco or gothic.

Many people are beginning to associate certain types of organic forms with Green Architecture thus alternating those people that do not find the so called ‘Style’ appealing.

Green Architecture is a philosophy or movement and an approach to design, not merely an aesthetic exercise. If one has to be successful, Green Architecture must be appealing like classicists, modernists and practitioners of the organic movement alike.

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