Line Exercises | Architectural Drawing

Line Exercises | Understanding the importance of Line weights

In my previous article, we discussed how important the line weights are. Now we will go ahead with necessary Line Exercises.

Line Exercises is the first lesson to learn in Architecture. It helps you understand the importance of every stroke drawn by you. It helps you realize that every stroke that you draw should convey a meaning in terms of design.

Here are a few things you need to do before you proceed with “Line Exercises”.

  1. Pencils – HB/B/2B
  2. Drawing Sheet – 22″x30″
  3. Draw 1/2″ border lines with title block of width 2″
  4. Divide the drawing sheet into 9 parts

Line Exercise 1

Line Exercise 1
Line Exercise 1

After you are successfully done with the first line exercise, we will proceed to the next line Exercise with more complex patterns.

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