Form Follows Function | Retail Store Design

Form follows Function is the prime principle of design which has to be followed. It has to be borne into a designer’s mind. Recently, there has been quite a large change in the architectural trends. Architects and Designers are too much into decorating the exterior facade of the building without correlating to the interior spaces of the structure. This has caused the evolution of a new trend where people are more focussed about the exterior appearance of the structure and the aspect of functionality is being ignored and not paid attention to.

After the initiation of important design considerations for the Retail Store Design, implementation of “Form Follows Function” comes into picture.

Retail Store Design
Retail Store Design

The concept of sustainability has created an awareness among the people. Now people are heading back towards the core concept of “Form follows Function”. This principle does not imply on not decorating the structure or trying to make it aesthetically appealing. People are now more focussed onto making less use of energy intensive materials to make the environment sustainable and avoid chaotic designs.

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