Guide to Personality Development for Professionals | Architecture

Development of Personality for Professionals in Architecture

Personality Development is very important in the field of Architecture or for that matter in any field. Presenting yourself in a pleasant and winning hearts over is  a great skill to master. Students getting out of Universities are not always aware of the necessity of “Personality Development Programme”. Every student or a newbie professional must remember that they are now into the real world dealing with variety of people with different thoughts, attitudes and personalities. I reason I am writing these articles is for students who haven’t been able to develop confidence and need be aware of certain vitally important “Personality Development aspects”. So here we go…

We often say this word ‘personality’ and say, “I was impressed by her personality”. But what do we mean by the word ‘personality’? More often than not it is used only in reference with the outward appearance. Then it is a very shallow meaning. That is why often you develop disagreement with the personality, which has impressed you to begin with.

It is very difficult to define the word personality. Though it begins with appearance, it does not end up with it. It includes the dress, the language, behaviour, knowledge and everything of that person. A British author had said, “A man is a bundle of habits neatly done up in coat and trousers”.

I find this is a good definition. ‘A personality is the total reflection of your habits both good as well as bad’. To be successful professional you must cultivate a good personality. It means a conscious effort must be made in your young age to inculcate good habits in you. These days colleges do not pay any importance to this subject. That is an apathy.

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