Contour Line | Negative/Positive Contour

Negative/Positive Contour | Architectural Drawing

As we discussed earlier, there are three major types of contours:

  1. Blind Contour
  2. Negative/Positive Contour
  3. Cross Contour

In this article, we will discuss in detail the method of drawing a “Negative/Positive Contour” and its relevance to Architectural Drawing.

A negative shape is defined as the shape of space that surrounds the object or that permeates it.

Negative shapes drawn from any subject matter WILL, WHEN COMPLETED, SUGGEST the positive shape of that which you are drawing.

The purpose of this exercise is to turn your thinking and seeing from the object itself, to that of seeing shapes of space which surround or permeate things.


Negative/Positive Contour - To draw the space around it
Negative/Positive Contour - To draw the space around it

The process requires that you see space in a new way. Conventional spatial expectations are reoriented.

Draw the negative shapes seen from your point of view, regardless of the separateness and overlapping of the objects.

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