The future development in Brighton and Hove

The redevelopment of Brighton and Hove

30 years ago, sea side towns like Brighton were dead. The towns and cities around Brighton are being reborn. These are exhilarating times. New settlements are springing up. South and south east pressure is increasing because people are moving out of London.

Cities are densely populated and the density is on the rise. Controversy is raging. It is the crucial time for Brighton and Hove.

It is estimated that the population of Brighton will increase 22000 in the next ten years.

3 radical developments altering Brighton seafront

1)     176m high spike – designed by the people who designed London Eye

Proposal for I360 spike
Proposal for I360 spike

2)     At the Marina, far east end of the city, huge 40 storey tower – centre of more than 850 new apartments with some restaurants and shops.

3)     Far west of the front – most controversial project – a plan to rebuild King’s sports centre along with another 750 more flats.


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