Beautiful French Gardens | Magnifique Baroque Style

The French are practical people. They were the ones who launched the French Revolution, a revolt against the ruling class while the rest of Europe bled under the thumbs of despots. But the French have a deep love for beauty and liberty. They have an open mind for new experiments, and thus French Architecture French Food and French Gardens have no match.

French Gardening Style
French Gardening Style

There was little chance to apply renaissance principles when the garden was within the fortress as in medieval France. Orchards and kitchen gardens were a part of this garden. By the beginning of the 17th century, royal palace gardens in Paris were largely Italian in plan.  But it all began to change. The royal gardener Claude Mollet is credited with the creation of the parterre de broderie and the importance of the avenue.

Another genius garden designer was Le Notre, who worked for Claude Mollet. He was really very impressive and creative. Nicolas Fouquet, Chancellor to the King of France, Louis XIV, met Le Notre and commissioned him to design the gardens at Vaux le Vicomte.

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