Last College Days | A Lesson for Teachers to Learn

Terrible College Days | A Lesson for Teachers

Making college life wonderful or disastrous is not just up to the will and actions of the students. It also depends on their teachers (Gurus). After students pass out of the college and if they remember college as a good memory and not as a nightmare then that would be called a successful institution. Just having great infrastructure does not make the college great.

People who run that institution should have the qualities of greatness which would eventually make the college successful and great because that is what they would teach their students!

One of the worst experiences I have had in my college days in the Final Year:

Our thesis began in the month of May 2011. We started working on our casestudies, going for surveys, researching online, reading various books and magazines to collect data. This involved immense amount of work.

After a lot of tedious work, the day of submission arrived. We were asked to submit our casestudies in the afternoon which was not mentioned in the schedule because of which many students failed to submit the casestudy sheets on time including myself. And by the time, I reached college with the printouts, the college was shut.

Students who were present in college submitted A4 and A3 size sheets which was not the correct format of submission. But inspite of that, their submissions were taken. We requested the HOD (Head of Department), our thesis coordinators to extend the dates of submission because everyone needed more time for detailed analysis and QUALITY SUBMISSION. But TEACHERS are TEACHERS! They never listen to students or ever want to understand students in any way. All that matters to them is that they are teachers and they have all the right to fail any student or rather I should say every student they want to.

The very next day, we had an internal jury. Many of us got the submission sheets with proper format. But since we hadn’t submitted the sheets the previous evening, our submission wasn’t accepted.

Our work wasn’t even seen; appreciation from our teachers was like a distant dream! Appreciation from teachers is what we students crave for. But no, that would be against their rules!! God help them!

We respect our professors and we wish they would understand their students but this is like a distant dream. Our professors wouldn’t budge. They decided that no student would be allowed for an internal jury who hadn’t submitted the sheets the day before.

I just don’t understand how is this logical. Submission of sheets when it wasn’t even mentioned in the schedule was important or quality of work and effort put in by the students to do the work was important?? But logical reasoning never really works with our professors. It is easier for them to understand flimsy reasoning. I guess it makes them happy to see students in pain.

All day we waited with our sheets so that our professors would accept our submission and allow us for the internal jury. But it was all a waste of time!

At last, after waiting for the entire day for 8 hours, we were told to go home without a viva just because we could not submit the assignment on the day they ordered us to.

It would have been justifiable on our professors part if our professors had had a look at the work of the students and had marked us for the submission on the day before jury. The professors weren’t even there to take the submissions. But instead, students were supposed to submit it to the watchman. How funny and lame is that now! LOL!!! This is RIDDICULOUS!

I just wish things were better…. Not all teachers are bad but those few who don’t care and have no sentiments for students misguide the good teachers into getting evil and destroying students career…

For all the teachers who are reading this article:

You are our guide, our Gurus! We respect you because you are wise and knowledgeable. You take wise decisions that would help us grow. But this is not happening anymore. Most of the teachers want to do is to finish their work as soon as possible. Teaching is no more a passion for them. Its just their work and they try to finish with it as fast as possible.

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