Design of Exteriors for Water Efficiency | Principles of Green Architecture

Water Efficiency Methods for the Exteriors

Exterior design is an integral part of sustainable Development. Our main objective is to keep the surroundings green and sustainable without putting much pressure on the non-renewable natural resources.

Classification for the study of Design areas for Water efficiency:

  1. Design of Interiors
  2. Design of Exteriors
  3. Stormwater reuse

The major water consuming areas in the exterior environment are the landscaping areas. In this article, we are going discuss how we can use water efficiently and still have a sustainable environment which is green and pleasing to eye.

Sustainable Landscaping
Sustainable Landscaping

Our area of study for exteriors can be divided into three parts:

  1. Sustainable Landscaping
  2. Drip Irrigation System
  3. Xeriscaping

Water Efficient Landscaping accounts to attaining five main objectives:

  1. Proper planning and use the land
  2. Soil analysis to efficiently utilize it for the purpose
  3. Appropriate Plant Species selection
  4. Efficient Irrigation System
  5. Proper use of mulches to attain efficiency

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