Space Perception | Psychological Space

Perceptual/Psycological Space | Architectural Drawing

Observing the behaviour of occupants of different types of interior space and an introspection of ourselves in relation to each space.

  • A comic strip format
  • The shape, sound and dynamics of space
Psycological space | Space Perception
Psycological space | Space Perception

Select three different kinds of interior space:

  1. A small confined space – waiting room
  2. A large lofty space – mosque/mandir etc
  3. Public/Private space – a spherical shape

One hour in each space.

Each space with three sets of observations:

  1. Shape – plan/section with human figure with your physical presence.
  2. Sound – Range of materials with sound make written notes size, shape and surface.
  3. The Dynamics

 Draw a large plan and record the circulation pattern and use of space.

The main aim of this exercise is to experience space through direct involvement.

(Bubbles of personal space)

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