Use of Colors in Painting | Architectural Drawing

Use of colors | Painting Techniques

Perception of color affects muscular tension, brain waves, heart rate, respiration, and other functions of the autonomic nervous system. Earlier, we discussed “Affect of Color Schemes on Human Behavior“.

Yellow – suicidal inclined persons use yellow

Red – A powerful and active color – warm

Green – A calming color

Blue – Cool, colourless clearly focussed on the eye

Dark colors – Masculine – clearly defines spaces

Tins – more friendly, pleasant, beautiful than darker

Grey – neutral color

All of the above depend upon material and texture and intensity of color

Color Charts
Color Charts

The use of Colors should be done as follows:

(Select a pallete of any 3 primary colors + white and Black)


  • Scarlet Lake
  • Cadmium Yellow
  • Cobalt Blue


  • Crimson
  • Yellow ochre
  • Pressian Blue

Pallete 3:

  • Red
  • Lemon Yellow
  • Ultamarine blue

Instructions to be followed when mixing water colors for painting:

  • Mix the colors thoroughly with water – lots of water to make it transparent.
  • Transparency is diminished by the addition of white – white makes a color opaque.
  • Never use a direct primary color – Use color in its hues (Primary color with addition of adjacent color).
  • Use color in thin flat washes. For darker shades or intensity, apply more coats of color rather than one coat of thick color.
  • Rout go over the colored area twice when it is wet unless when using a wet wet technique.
  • Use the background of white as also a color.
  • Any color to be applied must contain a bit of other colors in the pallete.

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