Introductory Lecture on Sociology | Necessity in Architecture

Why is it important to study Sociology in Architecture?

Sociology is an interesting subject which is very important in the study of Architecture. You must be wondering, why is it so important?

Sociology is the study of people… Socious means people and ‘logy’ means study. We “Architects” design spaces for the people to live in. We have the ability to create various types of environments… which serve different purposes.

Study of Sociology
Study of Sociology

Creating something for other people depends on the person’s choice, their culture. Architects are the masters that possess the ability to modify, transform and blend various design forms and cultures together. But to be able to do this, study of sociology is must.

Sociologists study how people act in a society and what others do to influence them. Sociologists need not necessarily be Architects but Architects have to be necessarily Sociologists…

For example:

  • Mother and Daughter
  • Friends

Many believe that there is a right way or wrong way of acting such as Putting up hands and not shouting.

Sociology studies what people believe ‘normal’ is. Considering a certain thing as normal depends on your society.

For example:

Wearing school uniform is normal to some but not to all. The behaviour of people is usually governed by the type of cultural environment around them. And also what is considered to be “normal” in that cultural environment.

We are socialized into the way we think and behave. Socialized or sociolization means the process of learning how to behave correctly in society.

Sociology also looks at different cultures and subcultures.

For Example:

Different countries have different cultures. Culture is a broad term for the cultural ethics of a place. The culture is further classified into subcultures. For example: Emos is a subculture.

So basically, Sociologists study the way we act and behave and possibly reasons behind it.

7 thoughts on “Introductory Lecture on Sociology | Necessity in Architecture”

  1. This is ridiculous. This should be shown to any prospective architecture student. There is no excuse for an academic program which purports to be intelligent to allow such abuse of students. This lifestyle is counterproductive and I don’t think any parent would be happy to know they are paying thousands of dollars for such a sick approach to studying to become an architect. Hard work is one thing but a system that encourages students to go without sleep and miss regular classes is criminal. This system must be changed.

    • Hello Mike,
      Architecture is not just about intelligence. Its a very spiritual field. You have to put in your mind and soul into your work. You do not necessarily have to be very intelligent to get into it. It is the field of creativity and passion.
      You are taking it in a complete negative way…! I agree the system has its own faults. But blaming the field is not the right way to deal with it…
      U get to explore the world in a very unique way! Its truly amazing!

  2. That’s because architecture is elitist. You seem to think it´s about intelligence. It really isn´t possible to do all that we are supposed to do, no time for studying and understanding what we are studying. I only have time to do my projects, not understand them, that´s because understanding is not important, doing them properly and architecturally is important. The style is more important than the understanding. Understanding is for scientists and their mumbo jumbo. Why, if architecture was about understanding, then you could get all sorts of uncool and unstylish people doing it and we don’t want that. Some of them don´t wear black!
    Sleep deprivation is well known for its usefulness for brainwashing, and it´s also a useful tool to weed out the undesirables.
    Talking about architecture and sociology brings me to a very interesting book by Garry Stevens.

    • Hello Anne,
      That’s an interesting point of view! But my ideas and approach towards the field not just connect your mind but your soul to it.
      Architecture is not just about doing it architecturally. Understanding is like the soul of your design. We are doing projects wherein other people are going to live and use it. Architectural style is a complete different aspect. U cannot replace understanding by just the style of architecture.
      Its not just an intellectual field or something that requires no thinking, understanding and research. You have to be in it completely, if you really wanna create something iconic or something people will cherish for a lifetime…!

      • i do agree……….with you. soul is basic rather than acquiring previous experience of individuals. it doesn’t mean knowledge is unnecessary, but soul and norms has to be prior in architectural and even other design products. because what ever we done in architecture the people to live in think in their social state of mind, this is what we have to dealt with.

  3. I agree with Benzuil socialogy in architecture is an imporant element which influences design when interpreting need and necessities. From a South African perspective the need to undertake all forms of analysis to argue for and against a proposal largely depends on understanding the social fabric a society in a specific demographic region.
    Dhanashwar Basdew

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