Introductory Lecture on Sociology | Necessity in Architecture

Why is it important to study Sociology in Architecture?

Sociology is an interesting subject which is very important in the study of Architecture. You must be wondering, why is it so important?

Sociology is the study of people… Socious means people and ‘logy’ means study. We “Architects” design spaces for the people to live in. We have the ability to create various types of environments… which serve different purposes.

Study of Sociology
Study of Sociology

Creating something for other people depends on the person’s choice, their culture. Architects are the masters that possess the ability to modify, transform and blend various design forms and cultures together. But to be able to do this, study of sociology is must.

Sociologists study how people act in a society and what others do to influence them. Sociologists need not necessarily be Architects but Architects have to be necessarily Sociologists…

For example:

  • Mother and Daughter
  • Friends

Many believe that there is a right way or wrong way of acting such as Putting up hands and not shouting.

Sociology studies what people believe ‘normal’ is. Considering a certain thing as normal depends on your society.

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