Types of Columns | Architectural Details

 Different types of Columns

In our previous article, we discussed “Different types of Arches“. 

In this article, we will move on with our discussion on three basic columns types in brief. The whole idea of writing this article is to make you aware of the basic column types.

Different column types are as follows:

Doric columns

Doric column from the Greek Architectural style is the oldest column style of Ancient times. These types of columns could be found on the Parthenon, Athens, Greece. The column has fluted sides with a smooth rounded top which is called capital with no separate base.

Doric order of the Pantheon
Doric order of the Pantheon

Ionic columns

These columns can be distinguished because of their prominent feature – scroll-shaped ornaments at the capital. The ionic column’s capital resembles a ram’s horns and the column rests on a rounded base.

Ionic order
Ionic order

Corinthian column

Corinthian column design has been inspired from the Egyptian column capitals shaped like inverted bells and decorated with olive laurel or acanthus leaves.

Corinthian Order
Corinthian Order

Egyptian Columns

Egyptian columns resemble the shape of a lotus flower. These columns taper out at the top and are ornamented with palm-like leaves near the capital making it look like a lotus flower.

egyptian column
egyptian column

Romanesque Columns

Romanesque columns have been used by an American architect while designing homes in Romanesque style in mid 1800s. It was his initiative to revive the ancient Romanesque architecture. These columns often rest on massive trapezoid shaped bases or piers and are decorated with flowers and leaves.

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