Guide to Casestudy of Commercial Hubs for Redesign | Urban Design

Study of Master Plan in relation to commercial hubs

  • Study all commercial hubs
  • Number of Commercial hubs (existing, declined), where they are located?
  • Their development pattern
  • Analyze the road pattern and the roads linked to it
Master Plan of Hyderabad
Master Plan of Hyderabad
  1. Study of the development from 19th century to 21st century
  2. Study the hierarchy of the commercial hubs
  3. Histogram, why they have declined? What? How?
  4. Pick the successful commercial hubs right from the olden days existing uptill today, which have not been changed.
  5. Analyze it, study the density, population, traffic, volume of traffic… traffic count
  6. Classify different types of traffic (School Traffic, Office Traffic etc)
  7. Commercial traffic – estimation in terms of percentage
  8. Find the average percentage of commercial traffic
  9. Analyze the parking facility for customers
  10. Formal and informal parking area, road network, origin and destination survey
  11. Know the in and around areas
  12. Goods and transportation – loading and unloading
  13. Godowns – shopping area connectivity
  14. Landuse structure (Development pattern on a broader spectrum). For example, Grid iron pattern, finger pattern, Radial Pattern, Dead end pattern etc
  15. Data Collection – Primary literature
  16. (average number of people coming in a day to a particular shop)
  17. Skylines, street scapes, neighbourhood (residential area behind the commercial hubs)
  18. How it has developed? When? Why?
  19. People willing to stay, people willing to vacate
  20. Parking (is it sufficient or not?)
  21. Neighbourhood commercial hubs
  22. (the main commercial hub influencing the other small commercial hub)
  23. Transportation network, density, type of communities

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