Design of Luxury Apartments | India’s New Urban Address

Growing New Concept of Townships

Indians are better placed monetarily now and are demanding world class amenities with value added services. Builders are willing to comply to the demands of customers who are willing to spend handsomely for better facilities.

Common value additions such as planned landscaping, huge large scale layouts, facilities like central air conditioning, electronic access controls, swimming pools with Jacuzzis, recreational spaces are some in the list of Luxury Apartments.

Luxury Apartments
Luxury Apartments

Concept of Townships

The concept of townships has arrived with a bang due to ever increasing housing demand. It is in huge demand by the elite rich. High end Amenities within the apartments is a part of package. The concept of a township embraces all the basics, the highly essential schools, hospitals and the much needed recreational facilities.

The location is very important factor as it should signify pride and dignity for the customer.

Premium and exclusive condominiums, villas, penthouses and row houses with beautiful landscapes is the new address of the rich who seek a sumptuous lifestyle.

The amenities in the apartment should enhance the locational experience and make the apartment a part of natural surroundings.

Requirements in a Township

Right from the apartment premises, everything should be exclusive, the entrance foyer, the parking areas, the lift lobbies, fine interiors of the apartments, fully equipped kitchen, servant rooms, utility spaces etc. Party Hall for residents, a Clubhouse with a well equipped gymnasium, squash courts, waterfalls, beauty parlours for women etc.

Interior of a Luxury Apartment
Interior of a Luxury Apartment

The scope for providing amenities is increasing by the day. Landscaped gardens, temperature controlled swimming pools, conference halls, cafe, exclusively for the residents of the apartment are passé now.

The new generation residential apartment features:

  • Spas
  • Fitness centres
  • Lavish Decks and
  • A fully Automated House

The facade should be stylish, flamboyant and a symbol of the global lifestyle. All this coupled with a multi-layed security facilities for the residents is a must have.

Security and well being of the citizens is of primary importance. Therefore, home level burglar alarms with security cameras and security personnel at the entrance gates is a must.

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  1. India’s luxury dwelling market has really progressed! It’s hard to believe that a country previously struggling due to poor economic policy has turned itself around so rapidly in such a short span of time! These luxury townships provide amenities that rival boston luxury apartments which are located all the way on the opposite side of the globe!

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