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Playhouse Design

Playhouses are loved by both girls and boys. They imagine the playhouse as their very own castle where they could invite their friends to play and eat. Selection of colour is very important and has to be done carefully. Lighter shades should be preferred so that it looks lively and bright. If in case there is no electricity in the playhouse, darker shades would end up making the interiors of the playhouse dark even during the daytime. Selection of colours for the playhouse will also depend on the age and gender of your child. If it is a girl child, then you could go for colours in red, pink, purple and yellow whereas if it is a boy then you could prefer using combinations and shades of blue, black and white.

Bright colours make the playhouse vibrant and attractive.
Bright colours make the playhouse vibrant and attractive.

Things you will need:

  • Exterior caulk
  • Electric Sanders or sandpaper
  • Paint brushes
  • Primer
  • All exterior paint

Step 1

Exterior Caulking

Use the exterior caulking tubes to seal the cracks around the doors and windows of the playhouse so that the rain water does not seep into the playhouse.

Step 2

Electric Sanders or Sandpaper

After having sealed the cracks, use the sanders or a medium-grit sandpaper to smooth-en the exterior and interior surface of the playhouse. Also, rub around the edges so that they are smooth to touch.

Step 3

Applying Primer

After making the surfaces smooth with sanders or sandpaper, a coat of primer is to be applied to the wood in the interior as well as the exterior walls of the playhouse. This will make the surfaces smoother and less paint will be required to paint the playhouse.

Step 5

Applying paint

The final step is painting. Playhouse can then be painted using the selected colours with the help of a broad paint brush preferably 4 inches in width. Consider painting the door and window frames in brighter colours such as vibrant red, blue etc. You could also make colourful drawings on the exterior walls of the playhouse such as drawing a fish tank or plants or animals. This will enhance the look of the playhouse.

Step 6


Apart from painting, you could also use wallpaper with floral design patterns or cosmic designs for the interior of the playhouse. This will give a dramatic effect to the interiors of the playhouse.


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