Planning your work | Seven Aspects of Personality Development

Planning your work | Guide to Professional Practice

In my previous articles, we discussed the “Importance of Personality Development for Professionals as well as students” and first four aspects of Personality Development. In this article, we will move on with our discussion on the fifth aspect of Personality Development “Planning your work”.

Here are Seven Aspects of Personality Development

  1. Dress
  2. Address
  3. Good Language
  4. Punctuality
  5. Planning your work
  6. Habit to postpone the work
  7. Telephone conversation

Planning your work in Professional Practice

You shall develop a habit to plan your day’s work. On a piece of paper or in a small diary list up the works to be attended next day. Even before you start your vehicle, you shall have a list of visits you intend to do in a round. Towards the evening before closing the office, it must be your practice to take a ‘work audit’, works attended shall be ticked and those not attended or incomplete shall be carried over for the other day and shall be listed afresh.

With the worries and tensions of practice sometimes sleep is disturbed at midnight. You are awake and lying in bed, lots of thoughts about the office work start crowding in your mind. You suddenly recollect certain important work remained to be attended, which disturbs your sleep. Make it a habit to keep a paper and a pencil on the bedside table. Generally your mind becomes quite and you go to sleep again. Next day you can attend to the work noted on the paper at night. One can develop one’s own systems to be a more perfect personality.



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