Telephone conversation Etiquettes | Seven aspects of Personality Development

Telephone conversation Etiquettes | Professional Practice

In my previous articles, we discussed the “Importance of Personality Development for Professionals as well as students” and first six aspects of Personality Development. In this article, we will move on with our discussion on the seventh aspect of Personality Development “Conversing on a Telephone”.

Here are Seven Aspects of Personality Development

  1. Dress
  2. Address
  3. Good Language
  4. Punctuality
  5. Planning your work
  6. Habit to postpone the work
  7. Telephone conversation

How to converse on a telephone in Professional Practice?

Telephone has become a common instrument for us. Even then very few of us have a proper training to talk on the telephone. Here are few suggestions to improve your telephone talk.

A. Use of ‘Hello’ to be minimum on phone.

B. When you make a call, say who do you want to talk, rather than asking to the other end “Aap kaum?” ‘Who are you’? “Hello, Kaun Bolta hai”, this is a bad manner. Instead say, “Namaskar, Harish from Popatlal & Co.; May I talk to Chimanbhai?”

C. When you receive a call in an office, irrespective of the calling person being known or unknown to you, greet him and say where from you have received the call.

“Good morning, B. P.L.Ltd” OR “Associated Architects, Namaskar”.

If a person called is not in the office at that time, the person who receives the call shall show interest in attending the call, shall not sound indifferent to the calling person. If the calling party is unknown to you, you shall softly insist upon knowing the name of the person and where from was he calling and what was it about. The person receiving the call must show in his voice interest and concern in the business the calling party has with your office.

D. Giving a message on phone – Often only by name a person cannot be placed. Take for example a message received on telephone and left on your table in the message book “Mr. Joshi telephoned and requested you to call back”. Certain names are very common. Even otherwise you will not be able to place a person only by name, Even if you wish to, you will not be able to call back Mr. Joshi. There may be many persons by name Mr. Joshi, known to you. There may be many persons by name Mr. Joshi, known to you.

Therefore a proper way to leave a message is to give additional information. The message should have been some what like this “Telephone from Dy. Manager, Projects, Mr Joshi of Bharat Industries Ltd., please call back on number 76547588”.


This topic of Personality development is multifaceted, and can be further extended to your habits while driving a vehicle or walking on the street and so on. Remember your every movement is a habituated one and therefore it contributes to your personality. Try to cultivate good and proper habits in every walk of life.



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