Green Architecture Features in High Rise Buildings

Green Building Architecture in High rise Structures

High rise buildings support green features to a small extent. Hence it is a bad concept to go for the construction of High rise buildings if we are to incorporate green features into the building. Incorporating various green features could make the construction 5 times more expensive than the cost incurred in regular methods of construction.

Aliens Space Station is an excellent example of the High rise Green Buildings.

Aliens Space Station - Green Building
Aliens Space Station - Green Building

Green Architecture Design Features to be incorporated into the Building Design

(Passive and Active Features)

  • Ceiling height – 12 feet


  1. between rooms
  2. outside/ inside
  3. Inside and inside
  • The doors should be designed with louvers at the bottom.
  • Cavity walls or thick walls on Southern and western side of the building.
  • Use your facades, chajjas, rooftops, active solar photovoltaics.
  • Colour of the building (Light colour)
  • Orientation of the building

  • Landscaping (Trees, seating places)
  • Ponds, Water bodies
  • (Compel people to not use ACs)
  • The use of natural materials (Lime mortar)
  • Use of Recycled materials
  • Minimum use of industrial materials (steel, RCC, electrical equipment)
  • Creation of Terrace Gardens
  • Indoor Landscapes
  • Interior colour schemes
  • Whiting the roofs (Reflective roofs)

Active Systems

  • Hot water systems
  • Wind energy
  • Wave energy
  • Solar Panels

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