Role of Architects in Modern Concepts in Sustainable Design

Role of Architects in Modern Concepts in Sustainable Design

The concept of Sustainability has been misunderstood today. Acceptance of this new concept by the people has not really been satisfactory. People are reluctant to compromise the kind of lifestyle they live. This compromises the aim of achieving Sustainability.

Green Buildings, improved Sustainability, economy for all and thereby better future is an important issue that needs thought. Reducing energy consumption in a building is not enough. Many dimensions need to be considered to achieve sustainability like-transportation networks, environmental management etc.

Sustainable Development - Solar Towers utilize the natural resource of the Sun
Sustainable Development - Solar Towers utilize the natural resource of the Sun

For people who do not agree with the concept of Sustainability:

The concept of sustainability is brought up for the betterment of human species and not for the earth. The Earth can survive without humans. Sustainability is for us to survive on earth.

Architects all over the world have been focussing on the concept of Sustainability. There has been a lot of chaos and confusion in actually understanding the gist of this unusual concept.

In one of the previous articles regarding “Sustainable Development“, we discussed the Sustainability factors, how the world has changed its trend from Sustainable to Unsustainable….

The definition of Sustainable Development is based on two concepts:

  1. The concept of needs, comprising of the conditions for maintaining an acceptable life standard for all people, and
  2. The concept of limits of the capacity of the environment to fulfil the needs of the present and the future, determined by the state of technology and social organization.

These are the two major concepts that the Architects have to keep in mind while executing any design concept which speaks of sustainability.

Architecture and Sustainability Factors

Sustainability presents itself as a unique challenge in the field of Architecture Construction projects typically consume large amounts of materials, produce tons of waste, and often involve weighing the preservation of buildings that have historical significance against the desire for the development of newer, more modern designs.

Sustainable construction is defined as “the creation and responsible management of a healthy built environment based on resource efficient and ecological principles”. Sustainably designed buildings aim to lessen their impact on our environment through energy and resource efficiency.

Modern Concepts aiming at Sustainability should include the following principles:

  • Minimizing non-renewable resource consumption
  • Enhancing the natural environment
  • Eliminating or minimizing the use of toxic materials

“Sustainable buildings” can be defined as those buildings that have minimum adverse effects on the built and natural environments, in terms of the buildings themselves, their immediate surroundings and the broader regional and global setting. Thus, the rational use of natural resources and appropriate management of the building stock will contribute to saving scarce resources reducing energy consumption and improving environmental quality.

In our next article, we will discuss various design features to be incorporated to achieve a Sustainable Design

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  1. Slowly as technology furthers the advances in the contruction industry we are seeing more and more buildings that have design elements built into the fabric of the structure that would never have been considered years ago. Construction techniques and practices have also helped it along.

    Awesome stuff

  2. The world is struggling with un-sustainable course that is set by western society and the other part of the world trying to imitate them.
    we are facing climate change,rising populations,droughts,depleting resources,destruction of human and non-human habitat and the realization that we can not maintain a growing economy within a finite world.

    now im interesting in this field.

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