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We have already discussed how Energy Efficiency can be achieved in different structures. In the previous article, our main focus was on Bio-climatic architecture. Bio-climatic Architecture forms a part of the Principles of Green Building Architecture.

It is necessary to understand the relationship between Bio-climatic Architectural Design and the way in which the Wind energy is harnessed.

Wind Turbines located at a height
Wind Turbines located at a height

We have already discussed the use of Wind turbines for the generation of electricity. We will be discussing the mechanism of Wind turbines in detail.

Wind Turbines

Wind Turbine is a rotary devices which utilizes mechanical energy and converts it into electrical energy. Windmills that extract the energy from the wind and utilize the mechanical energy for cutting of lumber, pumping water etc have been used since ancient times.

Windmills came into picture in 200BC. They have first been used in Persia and then a better and practical version of the windmills has been observed in Sistan, a region between Afghanistan and Iran in the 7th century.

Later on, after the industrial revolution, the concept of using the wind power with the help of wind turbines to generate electricity was discovered.

If the mechanical energy is instead converted to electricity, the machine is called a wind generator, wind turbine, wind turbine generator (WTG), wind power unit (WPU), wind energy converter (WEC), or aerogenerator.

Relationship between between the use of wind turbines and Bio-climatic Architecture

The Wind Turbines cannot be installed anywhere. They require a suitable location for their erection and their proper functioning. Wind Turbines are suitable in terms of huge constructions taking place at a higher level from the sea level.

For examples, they can be installed in order to generate electricity for the industry.

Or they could simply be used to generate electricity for small towns and villages which have developed at a height.

We have to consider Bio-climatic architecture if we are set up a wind turbine for an industry setup. The orientation and location of the building should not create a problem for the installation of a wind turbine. Suitable location should be reserved for the erection of wind turbine. It should preferably be located in the direction of the wind so that it can capture enough wind energy so as to convert it into mechanical energy.

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  2. Apple has recently commited to renewable power for US data centres
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