Passenger Information Displays | HSR Station Design

Design of Passenger Information Display

Stations are well equipped with Information systems. They are also referred to as a Passenger System (PIS) or Passenger Information Display. These information systems are essential since they guide the passengers on the station. They inform the passengers of where the trains are going.

The most common complaint of the passengers on the station is the lack of accurate information. This gets the passengers really frustrated and results in a spoilt experience.

It is very important to train the staff members of the ways to use the latest system so that they have all the latest information and data required which would help them answer the questions of the passengers satisfactorily.

When any staff member is asked a question about the train arrivals, departures or any other information, the staff member should be able to give apt and accurate reply. If he is not aware and does not have the latest information, he would start guessing. And nothing is more annoying than this to the passengers.

Where and how should the Information Displays be placed?

The placement of the information displays plays a very important role in the efficient functioning of the Train stations.

They should be placed in public areas for easy visibility by passengers. Care should be taken to make sure that the visibility of the displays is not affected by the changing weather conditions of the place.

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