Design Process in Architecture

The Design Process – System Analysis

Goals and Objectives

Based on:

  • Preference
  • Needs
  • Commitments
  • Symptoms
  • Standards

 Design Analysis

Based on:

Architectural Programming (List of requirements)

Data Collection

  1. Primary sources of Data Collection
  2. Secondary sources of Data Collection

Primary Sources of Data Collection

  • Technique of Observation
  • Defining the Question
  • Selecting the sample
  • Administering the survey

 Secondary Sources of Data Collection

  • Library
  • Books
  • Magazines

Casestudy and Design Guide for Major Bus Terminal for a Large City

Casestudy, Analysis and Design Guide | Design Process of Major Bus Terminal for a Large City

Data Collection and Analysis

The site: Study and Analysis

  1. Map of the City showing all the Transportation routes and networks
  2. A Land survey of the exact boundaries
  3. A topographical Map of the site
  4. A Survey Map of all the Physical Elements on site such as Trees, Rocks, Peaks and Valleys, Water, Drainage, Electricity, High tension lines, low tension lines etc.
  5. A Visual survey of the Surrounding Areas
Casestudy and Design of Bus Terminal
Casestudy and Design of Bus Terminal

Building and Infrastructure – Study and Analysis

  • Surveys of the existing transportation Department
  • Size and Population of the City – A map
  • Size and capacity of the existing terminal
  • Maps showing existing traffic volumes and Travel Pattern
  • In state, Out of State, Types and categories of Buses etc.
  • Provision of Local Services
  • Support facilities, Workshops, Sheds, Service