What is the role of a Master plan?

City Master plan | Urban and Town Planning

In a metropolitan city, Master Plans lay down the space requirements for the coming years; sometimes decades. The plans suggest future width of roads that are already existing. They also suggest new roads. For the additional population that is expected to arrive in coming years, the plans provide for new residential areas along with amenities and services. The plans also reserve sites for future schools, colleges, hospitals and Bus Depots, shopping centres in areas which may be totally uninhabited today.

A master plan is a long term perspective plan. Mid-term plans such as the Mega City Project and the Green belt project are formulated within the framework of such Master Plans. All the Green belt Project zones are made special reservations in the Draft Master Plan.

If an existing road which is only 12km wide today, is proposed in the Master Plan as 30 metre wide, it does not mean that all the structures existing in its way will be overnight bulldozed. It only means that all future construction must be allowed after leaving the 30 metres width. The actual road widening may be a specific project by the concerned local body.

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