Restoration Architecture and Design

Architectural Restoration and Design

It is an Architecture design theory which deals with the process of reviving the material, historical design integrity of the heritage structure.

Restoration of the structure will help in prolonging the life of the structure and also make it functionally usable for the future. This can only be done through planned interventions.

The aim of Restoration Architects is to revive the age old Architecture and make it functional to be used in the future.

The external facade of the historic structure is the functional value of the structure which is very important to be restored to maintain the aesthetical integrity of the structure.

Krnov Castle | Before restoration
Krnov Castle | Before restoration

What is the first thing to be done when working on “restoration of a structure”?

Assessment of the building is to be done in terms of its historical significance as well the structural technology used in those days.

Why is “Building Assessment” important?

Every heritage building has its own historical importance, its own character. Studying the character of the building makes the designer get involved into designing. It helps strengthening the imagination of the designer to achieve the results.

The knowledge of the life of the building is essential with architectural point of view. If the life of the building is studied carefully, you would get a complete idea of its features and problems of the building.

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