How to work on a Thesis Project? | Final Year Architectural Thesis

Guidelines for assessment for a Final Thesis Project

In the earlier article, we discussed “What is the role of a Final Year Architecture student and his perspective towards carrying out his Thesis Project“.

  • The mental attitude of a student, how much of studentship does he maintain.
  • His understanding of Architecture and his capacity to portray his ideas in visual/graphic/oral form.
  • Level of curiosity translated in terms of his grasp of the ‘process of research’. Searching the past and the present in terms of ideas.
  •  The importance of History cannot be stressed more. The ability to read, write and draw the level of confidence required to initiate a study, the ability to discuss the necessary information from amongst a plethora of literature and knowledge, to define the limitations without getting lost in the world of information.
  • To direct his ideas and knowledge for the betterment of communities and society at large. We are not supposed to, nor should we try to, be designing for exotic locations. Our orientation should be our own nation and from there on define the locality and the community.
  • You would be designing for an American/British/Indian Climate with all the accompanying factors of Economic, Political, social, legal, environmental and cultural. So try to design and improve your own living conditions through indigenous materials, methods and designs suited to the your region of study.
  • To get away from the “Drafting Board” style of designing in two dimensional sterility. Architecture is not for a visual sense alone and that too on a drawing board minus the experience of space.
  • Architectural Design apart from its visual experience has to cater to other senses of touch. Sound and smell also. Most of our Architectural experience is tactile (sense of touch) and yet we hardly consider it in our designs.