Thesis Guidelines | Final Year Student and his Thesis Introduction

Architectural Education | A Final Year Student and his Thesis Introduction

After five years of Architectural Education here are a few points to ponder and respond.

There is no way we can compress five years of a romantic tryst with Architecture into a few short sessions. But the experience of space is something like fishing – There is an ocean of knowledge where time and again, you have to throw hook, line and sink, and be able to satisfy one’s need. Therefore, don’t worry about the past. I am still learning what a LINE is, and I am not being modest.

Introduction to Architectural Thesis Project
Introduction to Architectural Thesis Project

The immediate task, of any final year student is his thesis. This pervading topic dominates all others in its intensity. It is here that the student goes through a final test for competence and it is this issue which becomes a tool for punishing recalcitrant students for their ‘past misdeeds’. But let me tell you something – Out in the market place – neither academicians nor practicing Architects ever would look at your grades. It is only the quality of your work which is seen through your portfolios and Reports. So don’t worry about your grades.

Just continue being a student and strive to remain one all your life. Do not close the doors of your mind by assuming you know enough and so on. The day you think you know enough, you cease to be a student and that is when you stagnate your mind and in your career. Therefore, I feel that this open mind as an attitude is the first test for a graduating senior. Viva-voce is meant to analyze the student’s mind as to his capacity of work and depth of understanding.

It is not just a session to discuss vital statistics or victimise students as is prevalent in our Architectural institutions.

So, let us take a few steps towards formulating a few guidelines that would help students arrive at their heartfelt convictions; (or develop and strengthen them) rather than making a formality out of a thesis project.

We would be further discussing four important aspects such as:

  1. Guidelines for the assessment of the Final Project
  2. Thesis topic selection
  3. Defining Limitations for a Thesis Project
  4. Design Process of doing an Architectural Thesis

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