A Poem dedicated to Architecture and World famous Architects!

Poem dedicated Architecture!

Here’s presenting a poem on Architecture written by my 16 year old sister:

Architecture is not just planning and construction,

Its fulfilling client demands with utmost precision.

Here every architect has got his own style,

And all their contributions are very worthwhile.

Frank Lloyd Wright started his career at twenty,

His organic architecture has made the world trendy.

Le Corbusier was a very revolutionary man,

Using grid pattern he made Chandigarh city’s plan.

Buckminster Fuller was an American engineer,

Who popularized the style of geodesic sphere.

Frank Owen Gehry used the style of destructivism,

And in bilbao he build the Guggenheim museum.

These architects have glorified our world by their vision,

And our world has undergone a great revolution.

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