Mumbai Urban Transport Project (MUTP)

MMRDA (Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority) is responsible for the formulation of MUTP. It envisages investment in suburban railway projects, local bus transport system, construction of new roads, building bridges, pedestrian subways and traffic management activities.

World Bank assists MMRDA to help bring about improvement in traffic and transport system in Mumbai.

WHY IS MUTP necessary?

Mumbai is a metropolitan city. The city faces innumerable problems such as traffic, transportation, commuting due to inadequate infrastructure and other facilities. Lack of wider roads or new roads has created chaos in the city of Mumbai. There are constant traffic jams because of slowed vehicular traffic causing excessive pollution and congestion. The problem of parking problems is huge. The government has taken many attempts to solve the issue of road congestion but has not been very successful in achieving the goal. MUTP will give a new vision towards controlling and development of smoother and better transport systems in Mumbai.

MUTP Partners

  • Government of Maharashtra
  • Indian Railways (IR)
  • Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority
  • Brihanmumbai Muncipal Corporation
  • Brihanmumbai Electric supply and Transport

Problems with MUTP (Mumbai Urban Transport Project)

The government needed land for the execution of the project. So they started acquiring land by moving the land encroachers. In return, government provided the slum dwellers with houses (low cost housing) in another distant area.

The slum dwellers had to go through a number of problems. People went on a hunger strike to catch the attention of the government to fulfil their demands.

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