Guide to design of an Office

Design of an Office

Office design mainly depends on the function of the office and working schedule and regular timings of the office. The purpose of its design should be studied carefully for a successful office design. The number of people and the kind of people that are going to be working in the office have to be taken into consideration so as to provide a comfortable working space.

The process of Office Design can be split up into four parts:

  1. Understanding design Considerations
  2. Important Design Factors
  3. Importance of Interior Design
  4. Office Systems
Office building in California
Office building in California

Purpose of an Office

The purpose of an office is to derive maximum work from employees and maximum business from clients. To achieve this, minimum disturbance to employees and minimum inconvenience to clients should be the motto of the designer.

Pattern of Population of an Office Building

The population of an office jumps from zero to maximum within a morning hour. And it declines likewise in the evening, only maintenance staff remaining there. So the entrance should be large enough to cope with this and at the same time should not intimidate the visitors.

These are the two basic consideration before we start with designing an office, be it an Architect’s Office or a Management Office.

In this article, we are going to discuss in detail the various requirements that are to be incorporated in any office design.

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