Space Exploration | Technological Advances

Space Exploration | Advancement in Technology in 21st Century

A human mind is very inquisitive in nature. Throughout the ages, humans have undertaken treacherous journeys across vast oceans to explore and discover new places. There have always been a few risk takers and pioneers in history who accomplished great things. And future generations are still indebted to their courage.

If Columbus did not have courage, people would have still believed the world is flat and America would have been unknown.

Space Exploration
Space Exploration

If Wright Brothers did not display innovations and courage to beat the odds by creating heavier than air flying machines, today’s generations would not have realized the benefits of air travel.

In a similar way, we do not fully realize the benefits of space Exploration and space travel will have for future generations. Space is filled with near inexhaustible quantities of natural resources which can be tapped. Maybe in the next century, humans may even colonize the space.

It is often argued that there is still a lot of poverty, malnutrition and humanity must.

Solve these problems first before trying to conquer space. But what is often overlooked in such argument is that the total amount spent on space research and exploration in the world is such a miniscule amount that it would have no affect on the global problems.

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