Unique Architectural Features in the Retail Store Design

Unique Architectural Features to enhance the aesthetics and Function of the Retail Store

Retail Store Design has much more than the three basic considerations essential for a Retail Store Design. Incorporation of various architectural features is essential to enhance the aesthetic appeal and also the functionality of the designed space. Form Follows Function in case of retail store design is a true statement; in fact its true and should be considered for every design. But we have to design the spaces according to the functions so that the design becomes a big success and serves its purpose of built.

Interior Decor of the Retail Store
Interior Decor of the Retail Store

A series of refinements are ecessary to distinguish a high end retail store from what is merely a shop. Some things stay the same, the display must be accessible, allowing the customer to ‘touch and feel’ if necessary and it is important that a visual display prominently advertise the USP of the product.

With high end retail spaces often being housed in interesting or heritage structures, it is important to respect the sanctity of the structure while designing. Instead of treating the structural members as a hindrance, the same should be treated as design elements.

Columns become flanking portals, beams – ceiling rafters, glazing-show windows. One can achieve a lot, by such an out of the box approach to the retail design, while utilizing every inch of the space.

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