How is land divided in a town/city?

Distribution of Land uses in a town/city

Zoning is done at different levels. Macro level and micro level. Macro level zoning includes the representation of all the natural bodies such as sea, rivers, lakes, mountains, hills, valleys, large open areas and potential sites for building new towns and cities. Micro zoning includes the zoning of individual towns or cities. It consists of six distinct parts.

Conceptual town zoning
Conceptual town zoning

1. Town centre

This is the place where major commercial activity takes place. It indicates the central area containing commercial and administrative blocks, theatres, principal library, museum etc.

2. Residential area

It is evenly distributed across the town depending upon its suitability. This part is mainly used for providing residential accommodation to the inhabitants of the town. But it also contains small shops, primary schools, gardens and small service industries.

3. Commercial area

We have retail and wholesale commercial spaces across the town. Commercial area is the heart of any town or city. Without commerce, the town/city would not survive. Hence, it is very important to have commercial areas spread evenly across the town.

4. Open space

Open space for recreational activities is allotted for the well being and happiness of the residents of the town. This part of town is allotted to design the road network, parks and playgrounds. It also indicates land which is substantially left in its natural state for the benefit of people.

5. Industrial area

Industrial area is generally towards the outer ends of the towns or cities. In this part, the manufacturing industries of different goods are located.

6. Town periphery

Town periphery is defined in order to stop the haphazard growth of the town. Green belt is one way of defining the town boundaries. The term town periphery is used to indicate the land which is located on the boundary of town and which is directly influenced by the town. It, however, cannot be considered as part of the town. The town periphery includes market, gardens, nurseries, golf courses etc.

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