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Town planner | Master of Town and Country Planning

Who is a town planner and what does he do?

The answer to this question is not as simple as it seems. A “Town planner” is a person who not only designs a town but he is an influential person who can change the lifestyle of the people.

Now some people reading out there might just think… HOW? How could anyone possibly change or influence somebody’s lifestyle??

Before we start our discussion on what the role of a town planner is and what all he thinks, understands and executes…?

Let’s start with analyzing our own life styles… How did we start to live in a way we are living today? Has anyone given a thought about that? I don’t think so…

View of the Commercial street in a town
View of the Commercial street in a town

Let’s make three broad categories that influence us for the way we live today:

First and foremost, our culture

Our culture and traditions do have a major impact on our minds that mould us and help us live morally and in a specific way. Different countries have different cultures and every person belonging to a particular country or state thinks and follows particular things. This is something that is at spiritual levels.

Second:  by your city or town in which you live.

The town or city, the way it is designed or has gradually developed radiates some negative emotions and some positive. Our mood swings are very prone to the kind of surroundings we live in. Our habits and our mannerisms are also influenced by the way the city is developed and the people you are surrounded by.

For example:

If you are a person living in a metropolitan city, you have very less exposure to the nature and good recreational activities that would actually help you feel better and happy.

Instead, you would find concrete jungles, all the sources of entertainment that have no relation to the nature such as clubs, pubs etc.

Lack of emotional outlet results in the increase in the criminal activities in the city…

WHY? Because this is exactly the way the cities have been fantasized and designed by the Town planners.

View of the Commercial street in a Metropolitan city
View of the Commercial street in a Metropolitan city

Now let’s discuss about the third most important thing that influence your life at the very root levels… YOUR OWN HOUSE…

Most of you wouldn’t be aware of the fact that a house generates a feeling of happiness or sorrow. It radiates negative and positive emotions. Just give it a thought..

For example, there is a house which is planned in a compact manner with haphazard furniture design and dull and dark colour schemes. The design of the house with respect to its interiors and exteriors are not in tandem with the beauty of the outside surroundings.

What kind of feeling would you get??? THINK…

You would always feel suffocated, nauseous and tired because of the lack of positive energy.

Now let’s take an example of the house which is planned in a compact manner but with systematic furniture design, lighter colour schemes used to help make the space look spacious and nicer.

Now think again… What kind of feeling would this house generate??

Happy, positive, energetic…??? Isn’t it?

The credit goes to the designer… who is an Architect who later studies to qualify as a town planner…

We will also discuss more in detail regarding the role of a Town planner in our succeeding articles. How a town planner, a designer, thinks, understands, relates and executes the projects in order to maintain harmony among people and create an aesthetically pleasing and peaceful place to live in.

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